Are You Busy?

I wanted to share this perspective from an email Chris Brogan sent me. I’m a big believer in doing only what’s essential, but sometimes we all need a reminder. Thanks for the thought provoking note Chris.

Take the Backpack Test

If I gave you a backpack and said “Walk around for five minutes and put stuff in this backpack until it’s full,” you could finish the task in probably 30 seconds. It wouldn’t take long to fill that backpack with whatever’s nearby. Full? You could stuff that baby with things.

Now, instead, what if I said, “Your house is going to burn down. Take 5 minutes and put in the backpack the only items you can pull from the fire.” Five minutes isn’t nearly enough. The backpack is too small. How can you possibly fit it all in?

Guess how you are normally filling that backpack? A or B?