The Priority

We hear a lot about “priorities” in the corporate world, but to use this word in the plural form is to debase it of its intent. Priority is a singular noun by definition; we do not have “priorities”. The Latin root of priority is prior, meaning former or to come before. Thus the priority on your list of things to do is the one that comes first, hopefully because it’s the most important and urgent thing you need to take care of.

This means only one thing can come first… To be in second place is to come before third, but it is not to be first. There is only one priority just as there is only one first. To say we have priorities is a misuse of the word. Instead, what we have is a list of decisions, actions, projects, etc. that need to be ranked by importance; something that has a profound effect on success, survival or well-being.

End rant.

A Sincere Thank You

This week I felt a great sense of gratitude for you, my readers. I was reminded of how small I am in this world and it led me to reflect on my writing and, consequently, you the reader. Whether you’re a loyal subscriber or just a passerby reading this, thank you for giving me a moment to share my thoughts and experiences with you. Thank you for allowing me to have a place in your inbox. My greatest hope is that I can serve you in some simple way.

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‘Lighting Up’ Might Help Your Relationship

No, I’m not talking about smoking. I’m talking about your personality, your facial expression, your body language. The amount of energy you put into your body language and personality is a direct indicator of your investment in a relationship. The old saying stands true, “what you put in is what you get out.” Here are a few ways to “light up” for your significant other.

My wife Jami is a great example of this. No matter how difficult of a day she has, when I get home from work she is smiling and happy to see me. When I see her bubbly personality shining even between a toddler pulling at her leg and a newborn screaming in her arm, I feel encouraged. I feel like my day wasn’t that bad. I feel supported, loved and cared for. And it makes me want to do the same for her. It makes me want to put my best investment in our relationship and family – even when I’m tired or stressed.

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