The True Cost of Delaying Decisions

Life is better when you decide

Decisions come with many implications, and no matter how smart you are there will be decisions that create problems for you. Making decisions is one thing, but delaying them? That can come with huge opportunity costs and create major distractions. That might be common sense, but people delay decisions all the time because they’re afraid of the unknown, they don’t want to put the energy into changing after the decision is made, or they just don’t want to disrupt their comfortable routine.

Let’s consider the opportunity cost of delaying a decision. 

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How a Tighter Focus Yields Better Results

And 6 things you can do right now to be more focused

Do you have a stack of unread books? An inbox full of email? Life seems to pile up faster than we can absorb, but what if that pile was our own doing? Most of us see ourselves as victims, but really we’re the perpetrators. We put ourselves in this mess, and we can get ourselves out of it.

In 2016 I added 38 books to my reading list, purchased 15 (only half of which were on my list) and only read 15. My pile keeps getting deeper, and most of the books I bought I still haven’t read!

So this year, one of my resolutions is to not buy any new books until I read the ones I already own. And when I do read those books, I’m going to really read them. I’m going to take notes on the thoughts and ideas that I think are useful to apply to my life.

I’m going to intentionally give attention to less and go deeper into those few things I do focus on. Sound like something you could do?

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How to Guarantee Progress on Your Goals

Using your calendar to get the most out of your 2017 resolutions

Statistics show that we’re nearly guaranteed to fail at achieving our annual goals. It’s no surprise that we fail given all of the distractions society and the media put in front of us. That’s why we need a systematic approach to making progress on our goals.

A friend of mine has a Christmas tradition where each person writes down their personal goals for the year, seals it in an envelope, and then opens it at next year’s family Christmas to see how they did. 

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Why You Need More Time for Rest

The days of simple, single dimension lives where people worked at home, grew their own food and home schooled their children are long gone. Today most of us are rushing about from one thing to the next, answering emails between appointments, texting while driving, watching a show or listening to music when we exercise. Life has become overly busy, and we’ve forgotten how to rest.

But without proper rest, the mind and body suffer serious side effects. Things like hindered critical thinking, high blood pressure, depression, early aging of the skin, poor memory performance and much more.

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Passion or Addiction? A Look at Your Career.

How to spot when work goes from passion to addiction | Part 3 of the Life Balance series.

There was once a man who spent much of his life at work, climbing the corporate ladder, sacrificing time with his family and friends to overachieve and get promoted. After decades of long hours, fights with his wife and self-inflicted health problems, he reached the top of the ladder. To his surprise, the only thing he discovered at the top was that the ladder was leaning against the wrong building. Argghh! He had given up so much of his life to accomplish something that didn’t matter to him. He finally realized he should’ve been climbing a ladder with his family and friends instead of for them. He finally realized his life was out of balance. He finally realized his career was the outlier. Don’t be that guy. Bring balance back to your life.

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