How to Enjoy Going to Work Again

Or loving your spouse, or eating healthy, or exercising regularly, etc.

Successful, mediocre and failing people all have something in common; they’re busy. Every person I know is busy. The difference amongst them is what they’re busy about. The most successful people I’ve met are busy with things that they’re passionate about AND are showing good progress in.

The question of passion vs. progress is a simple one: do you like the thing (passion), and are you getting results in it (progress)? Oftentimes we find one or the other, loving the thing we’re doing but not seeing the results we want, or hating the thing we’re doing and knocking the results out of the park. Here’s what you can do to bring balance to that duality.

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The Consequences of Drifting Through Life

Plus 4 scenarios that cause drifting and tips to avoid each

Have you ever looked at your situation in life and thought “how did I get here?” It feels a bit like vertigo, where suddenly your sense of balance is eerily off kilter, and you temporarily struggle to find your bearings. It can last from 20 minutes to 24 hours! In life, this sensation is called “the drift”, and most of us have experienced it at some point.

It’s where our mind had an idea of where we thought we would be in life, but because we weren’t paying attention we drifted off course. Drifting can happen for different reasons, but the consequences are always the same – it’s confusing and costs us time, money and opportunities.

In their new book Living Forward, Michael Hyatt and Dan Harkavy identify four times we’re most easily caught by the drift, and the five telling consequences that usually accompany it.

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How a Tighter Focus Yields Better Results

And 6 things you can do right now to be more focused

Do you have a stack of unread books? An inbox full of email? Life seems to pile up faster than we can absorb, but what if that pile was our own doing? Most of us see ourselves as victims, but really we’re the perpetrators. We put ourselves in this mess, and we can get ourselves out of it.

In 2016 I added 38 books to my reading list, purchased 15 (only half of which were on my list) and only read 15. My pile keeps getting deeper, and most of the books I bought I still haven’t read!

So this year, one of my resolutions is to not buy any new books until I read the ones I already own. And when I do read those books, I’m going to really read them. I’m going to take notes on the thoughts and ideas that I think are useful to apply to my life.

I’m going to intentionally give attention to less and go deeper into those few things I do focus on. Sound like something you could do?

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Why You Need More Time for Rest

The days of simple, single dimension lives where people worked at home, grew their own food and home schooled their children are long gone. Today most of us are rushing about from one thing to the next, answering emails between appointments, texting while driving, watching a show or listening to music when we exercise. Life has become overly busy, and we’ve forgotten how to rest.

But without proper rest, the mind and body suffer serious side effects. Things like hindered critical thinking, high blood pressure, depression, early aging of the skin, poor memory performance and much more.

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Fulfilling Work Is Bringing Order out of Chaos

No matter what we do for work, we’re creating something. Which is a good thing, because we were made to create and all creation by man is bringing order out of chaos. If we do it correctly, the most fulfilling act of bringing order out of chaos is doing it in a way that leverages your natural abilities to serve other people.

Studies have shown that not having this in your life can lead to depression; so let’s frame this in a way that will help you find more fulfillment in your work.

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