Blind Spots

HOOOOONNNKKK!!  goes the sound of the SUV in your blind spot… how did it fit there!? When driving we know we have blind spots, some we can crane our necks to see around and some we need special mirrors or rear-view cameras to help with. We’ve all experienced a blind spot while driving, but what about in our lives? The trouble with blind spots in our lives is that we can’t see them. We don’t know they exist and therefore don’t recognize the havoc they create.

Blind spots are particularly dangerous in areas of our lives where we lead; children, schools, work, church, community, etc. They are the habits/behaviors that have an impact on our performance without us knowing it. These tricky, impossible to see behaviors are the ones that cause us to have difficulties in relationships, fall short on our goals and hinder us from reaching our highest potential. 

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Not Narcissistic, Just First

Why you should take care of yourself before anyone else

Many well-intentioned people forego their own mental, physical and spiritual nourishment thinking it gives them more time and ability to take care of those around them. This simply isn’t true, and unless you take care of yourself first, you’re doing those you lead and love a disservice. Before you think I’m being narcissistic, let’s consider a common example that screams “me first!” for a good reason.

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Why Difficult People Are Annoying (and Why We Need Them)

Plus 5 things to remember when you have to deal with them

It’s inevitable. At some point we all have to deal with someone who makes things more difficult. Most people shrink back and avoid that situation, but stepping courageously into it (like I know you would) can improve your emotional intelligence, negotiation skills and influence – the skills that make the best leaders.

I once worked with a woman who was extremely difficult to get along with, and it wasn’t just me, everyone knew she was difficult to work with. Most people avoided her and worked around her, but my job required that I work with her on a daily basis, so I had to deal with herHow did I manage?

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4 Meaningful Ways to Give During a Material Season

At a time of year when giving feels forced, we should think more broadly about how we give. Not only will this make us feel like we’re contributing something more valuable to the world  than just another iPhone, it will also make those around us feel truly blessed. Generosity is a skill that can be taught and learnt through practice.

To experience a deep sense of contribution, we must give of ourselves and to others in ways that take us outside of our comfort zone.

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