Even in the Face of Adversity, Pursue Greatness

This is not about ego, it’s about living a full life, helping others succeed and contributing something positive to the world. Intentionality, kindness and serving others: three characteristics of every one of “the greats” that have ever lived. Each of these characteristics is a key ingredient to living greatly, but not for the sake of being called “a great.” Rather, it is the fulfillment of living out those characteristics that makes us feel as if we were living greatly. Let’s explore how each one fosters greatness. 

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Easier Said Than Done

The infamous phrase that keeps us from trying

Easier said than done. Have you ever uttered those words? It’s a common phrase that gets tossed around without much thought. Those words, once spoken, create resistance against whatever it is you’re trying to do. They signal to your brain that it’s not worth trying.

To be easy is to be something that is achieved without great effort, or that presents few difficulties. To say something is simply to utter words to convey information, an opinion, a feeling or intention. To do is to perform, achieve or complete something particular. When we say “easier said than done” all we’re really saying is that it’s easier to talk about doing the thing than it is to do the thing. But what isn’t easier said than done?

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