How to Enjoy Going to Work Again

Or loving your spouse, or eating healthy, or exercising regularly, etc.

Successful, mediocre and failing people all have something in common; they’re busy. Every person I know is busy. The difference amongst them is what they’re busy about. The most successful people I’ve met are busy with things that they’re passionate about AND are showing good progress in.

The question of passion vs. progress is a simple one: do you like the thing (passion), and are you getting results in it (progress)? Oftentimes we find one or the other, loving the thing we’re doing but not seeing the results we want, or hating the thing we’re doing and knocking the results out of the park. Here’s what you can do to bring balance to that duality.

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4 Meaningful Ways to Give During a Material Season

At a time of year when giving feels forced, we should think more broadly about how we give. Not only will this make us feel like we’re contributing something more valuable to the world  than just another iPhone, it will also make those around us feel truly blessed. Generosity is a skill that can be taught and learnt through practice.

To experience a deep sense of contribution, we must give of ourselves and to others in ways that take us outside of our comfort zone.

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6 Ways to Choose the Right Opportunity

Sometimes we’re confronted with multiple opportunities and each one is a good choice. At these times it’s hard to know what to do; some people leap at the first option that is presented, others wait to try and gather as much information as possible before making the choice. Let me share with you a way to look at each option from various perspectives so you can choose one and feel confident knowing it’s the better choice.

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The Cornerstone of Life Balance

The one thing that brings balance to every other area of your life | Part 10 of the Life Balance series.

I’ve been writing about various lenses through which we see our life balance because I believe a well-rounded lifestyle is key to maintaining a vibrant, healthy, fulfilling and impactful life. Your attitude, work life, friendships, finances, hobbies, health and wellness, personal growth and long-term relationships are all significant contributors to your overall life balance, but there’s one that trumps the rest. I’m talking about the one that acts as the cornerstone of everything else, the one, that when we don’t have it, leaves everything else vulnerable to the whims of the moment, I’m talking about faith. Faith in something everlasting, something greater than any of the other things I’ve written about.

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How to Keep Finances from Crippling Your Life

A simple way to manage finances | Part 5 of the Life Balance series.

Our finances have a massive ripple effect in every area of our lives, making it a foundational subject in the conversation of life balance. We often talk about life balance as “how much time you spend at work vs. at home,” but in all reality it’s about much more than that, and finance is an often overlooked piece of the puzzle.

In college I struggled to make it from one paycheck to the next, some days skipping meals or being late on rent. But it wasn’t because I didn’t make enough money, I just wasn’t taking care of my finances as a mature adult. I was working simply to spend money; I had no financial goals beyond making it to the next paycheck. I was bringing in money just to pour it right back out. I had no sense of cash flow, except that cash came in and cash flowed out.

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