How to Enjoy Going to Work Again

Or loving your spouse, or eating healthy, or exercising regularly, etc.

Successful, mediocre and failing people all have something in common; they’re busy. Every person I know is busy. The difference amongst them is what they’re busy about. The most successful people I’ve met are busy with things that they’re passionate about AND are showing good progress in.

The question of passion vs. progress is a simple one: do you like the thing (passion), and are you getting results in it (progress)? Oftentimes we find one or the other, loving the thing we’re doing but not seeing the results we want, or hating the thing we’re doing and knocking the results out of the park. Here’s what you can do to bring balance to that duality.

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Fulfilling Work Is Bringing Order out of Chaos

No matter what we do for work, we’re creating something. Which is a good thing, because we were made to create and all creation by man is bringing order out of chaos. If we do it correctly, the most fulfilling act of bringing order out of chaos is doing it in a way that leverages your natural abilities to serve other people.

Studies have shown that not having this in your life can lead to depression; so let’s frame this in a way that will help you find more fulfillment in your work.

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6 Months, 5 Interviews, 4 Rejections, 3 Things I Learned

A personal rejection story

This story is to encourage those who have been rejected, looked over, or feel like things just don’t ever go their way. In the last 6 months I have interviewed for 5 jobs, each one seemingly the right one… only to find out that the disappointment of each rejection led me to the place where I was meant to be.

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The Cornerstone of Life Balance

The one thing that brings balance to every other area of your life | Part 10 of the Life Balance series.

I’ve been writing about various lenses through which we see our life balance because I believe a well-rounded lifestyle is key to maintaining a vibrant, healthy, fulfilling and impactful life. Your attitude, work life, friendships, finances, hobbies, health and wellness, personal growth and long-term relationships are all significant contributors to your overall life balance, but there’s one that trumps the rest. I’m talking about the one that acts as the cornerstone of everything else, the one, that when we don’t have it, leaves everything else vulnerable to the whims of the moment, I’m talking about faith. Faith in something everlasting, something greater than any of the other things I’ve written about.

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Bring Balance Back to Your Life by Focusing on These 9 Things

Chart your life's balance with my Life Balance Tool

Have you ever seen someone who is extremely apt at their work, but not taking care of their health? Or maybe you know someone who is successful at work, but doesn’t spend time with their family or friends? Maybe there’s a person in your life who is in great physical shape, but doesn’t have a spiritual life? Maybe you’re one of those people who is doing great in one area of life but has some work to do in others? I know I am. I’ll always be a work in progress!

Often we excel in one area at the cost of another, because after all, there are only so many hours in a day right? What usually happens (at least for me) is I find an area I want to grow in and I dive into it headfirst. But that eats up time that I would spend in other areas, so while I’m growing in that new area I’m backsliding in another. That was until I discovered how out of balance that was making my life.

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