How to Enjoy Going to Work Again

Or loving your spouse, or eating healthy, or exercising regularly, etc.

Successful, mediocre and failing people all have something in common; they’re busy. Every person I know is busy. The difference amongst them is what they’re busy about. The most successful people I’ve met are busy with things that they’re passionate about AND are showing good progress in.

The question of passion vs. progress is a simple one: do you like the thing (passion), and are you getting results in it (progress)? Oftentimes we find one or the other, loving the thing we’re doing but not seeing the results we want, or hating the thing we’re doing and knocking the results out of the park. Here’s what you can do to bring balance to that duality.

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The Consequences of Drifting Through Life

Plus 4 scenarios that cause drifting and tips to avoid each

Have you ever looked at your situation in life and thought “how did I get here?” It feels a bit like vertigo, where suddenly your sense of balance is eerily off kilter, and you temporarily struggle to find your bearings. It can last from 20 minutes to 24 hours! In life, this sensation is called “the drift”, and most of us have experienced it at some point.

It’s where our mind had an idea of where we thought we would be in life, but because we weren’t paying attention we drifted off course. Drifting can happen for different reasons, but the consequences are always the same – it’s confusing and costs us time, money and opportunities.

In their new book Living Forward, Michael Hyatt and Dan Harkavy identify four times we’re most easily caught by the drift, and the five telling consequences that usually accompany it.

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The 10 Most Important Soft Skills in the Business World

And 3 resources for improving them

Professionals around the world are spending millions of dollars a year to be more marketable by improving their technical skills. Universities offer loads of courses on technical topics. But research suggests that it’s the soft skills like integrity, communication and courtesy that sets people apart from the norm, so how do we improve them?

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6 Ways to Choose the Right Opportunity

Sometimes we’re confronted with multiple opportunities and each one is a good choice. At these times it’s hard to know what to do; some people leap at the first option that is presented, others wait to try and gather as much information as possible before making the choice. Let me share with you a way to look at each option from various perspectives so you can choose one and feel confident knowing it’s the better choice.

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