What I do

I’m a writer and a coach who helps the overly busy company leader implement personal development practices so they can continue to learn, grow and lead in their industry, even amidst a crazy schedule.

Why You Might Care

Your attention and time has never been in higher demand. If you’re not purposefully setting time aside to learn and grow as an individual, over time you will flatline. I know, because it happened to me. It took an internal desire and an external motivator to get back on the growth path.

My Story

I found success by saying yes to everything, contributing to everything, leading everything; it’s what I was rewarded for, I was the “go-to guy” when someone needed something. After a few years of winning at every job I was given, I found myself burnt out and stretched so thin that I wasn’t adding the value I knew I could. I was making millimeters of progress on 100 different projects, in a 100 different directions. Something had to give.

There is a Solution

That’s when I rediscovered the power of personal development. Suddenly I was back in the driver’s seat of my agenda, my growth plan, my career, my life. I want to be that mentor for you. My goal is to serve you by providing proven practices for personal development and growth. I love reading and learning new approaches to personal development and leadership, and as part of that I distill what I learn into blog posts, eBooks and online training material for my followers.

Rediscover the power of personal development

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